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I’m Sophia Lopez, a content writer at I got an opportunity to work with this amazing site, which turned out to be a great learning experience for me. Basically, this site takes a test called the CPS test, which counts the total number of clicks on the mouse over a specified time period. The test gets difficult and more competitive as the time period increases. The time limit varies from 1 second to 60 seconds, and many more in between. There’s a jitter clicking test, which is totally based on how strong your index finger is. The faster your index finger moves the more clicks you’ll get when you take this test. People who are into gaming will especially love this site because they know the drill of it and the excitement it brings as you play it more and more. You can take the jitter click testing online just by clicking on this site. And as you get used to this test, you’ll feel the fun and the adventure. If you’re someone who uses a computer for most of the day, you’ll have a scope to do something unique and different with the computer mouse with this click per the second test. And thus, I strongly recommend you visit this site.

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