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Hi! My selling point is simple. I'm looking for work to expand my skills and the payment I am expecting is only feedback, accurate, constructive feedback and reviews. Moreover, I will pay you 1$ for every project send my way and I will come back with results as fast as possible. Thank you!

Hi, glad to meet you! I'm Vlad and I'm not going to lie, but this is the beginning of my music production career. I've started a recording studio 7 months ago and I've been working every day there. I'm an audiophile at heart and this time I decided to cross the fence into the production zone. I favor old school analog gear, but I'm also striving to learn every in and out of the digital environment since it is much more convenient and efficient. My goal at the moment is to find various types of work to learn and to get feedback. Since this is not my bread winning business for now, I can only transform this into the advantage of taking my time and learning the art part of it without being pressured to generate a dependable amount of income. Coming as a side effect of being an audiophile, one of my strong suits is music preference. It is not constrained by a specific genre so anything from traditional folk to orchestras, rock to EDM and tehno is a domain well known. I have an advanced knowledge regarding the physics behind the process of recording, mixing and mastering which helped me greatly on the path of learning how to interact with a daw.

As I said earlier, feedback is the main resource that I find it useful now.

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Gear Highlights
  • Rode NT1
  • SPL Goldmike Model 9844
  • Roland A-500 Pro
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