Glitchy canvas loops/visuals

Evankelos on SoundBetter

I am a music producer/drummer and visual/video art creator. I have been making my own visuals/video clips/album visualizers using various tools from live coding visuals to several specialty software to create glitch and moshed visual outputs.

I will create short visual loops (3 to 8 seconds) to serve as your Spotify Canvas in order to enrich and accent your tracks.
I use various media inputs from web camera, broswer based, code generated, photos, videos, data sonification inputs, to mixed them together and cook the final visual output ranging from glitch and data moshed aesthetics to retro pixel art and 3d topography videos. The result is an adventurous visual landscape with a sci-fi, spacey, ambient and airy atmosphere.
Send me your music and together with the idea/vision for the final visual output. How you imagine it (complex wise, color wise etc). Feel free to send me your photos/videos to set a mood and let me work beyond that.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Terms Of Service

Spotify Canvas Designer //
Average price per track around 250€ (depending on complexity/duration/delivery time).
Includes 1 output revision/selection stage plus a final edit revision with delivery.

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