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studio engineer, sound designer and sound artist || work as well for audiovisual creation than for pushing pop music to the next level || focus on the artistic direction of the client

I'm a experienced studio engineer with a huge creative background. I play drums in various projects, I studied composition and electroacoustical music at the conservatorium and produce my own creation since more than 10 years. I am currently doing a master in sound art at the UdK, Berlin.

I produced various singer, did mix and mastering for a variety of styles in Berlin and Europe. My studio is now in Berlin. If you want your production to differienciate itself from the huge mass of content available today, I believe that a "classical" sound engineering process is not enough. I understand the mixing and mastering process as an extension of the creative process rather than a merely technical stage. It means beeing open and innovative in the tools used to shape sound.

If you want to deepen your sound and bring it somewhere more personalize, and you're ready to experiment with creative mixing, then I'm the man. -> open for contact

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I was the producer, mix and mastering engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • UAD sound card
  • SPL compressor
  • Neumann mics
  • etc..
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