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Mixing & Mastering Engineer

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Mixing & Mastering for Petrie, [ K S R ], Mercy's Cartel, Ed Staal, Safiyyah and more. Also the lead singer in Petrie :)

Heyyyy!!!! I'm the lead singer and songwriter in Petrie and I mix and master all of our stuff. Over the last couple of years many artists around the UK have started getting in contact with me about my mixing and mastering services and I've been lucky enough to work with [ K S R ], Mercy's Cartel, Ed Staal, Safiyyah and more!

My specialties:

1. I can turn around mixes very quickly and am so happy to do endless phone calls and chats and even face to face meet ups if necessary. I want the artists I work with to be happy! I know how it feels to be frustrated with a mix as an artist.

2. I'm an absolute whizz at melodyne. So if you want perfectly tuned vocals that sound natural, or just some subtle fixing, or full blown out autotune style vocals - hit me up! Have a great ear for comping too, so let me know if you'd be interested in a combo deal for tuning and comping.

3. I'm also a trained classical violinist and use my violin a lot for Petrie songs. So let me know if you want natural strings. (I usually do lots of layers and then pitch down so that it feels like a full ensemble!)

4. Also happy just to give out free advice - whether it be mixing, mastering, songwriting, singing, learning an instrument (I play many!) just hit me up!

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