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Live Sound Consulting/Training

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Our Passion is Your Sound

Our mission is to help others uphold an excellent standard of quality in the usage and operation of their live sound reinforcement systems.

Our purpose is to provide guidance in proper system operation and live sound mixing techniques.

We primarily work with churches and businesses that have live music and a system in place. We understand that having a highly-skilled audio engineer on your staff is often not possible. That’s why we offer training sessions, either to individuals or small groups, to help your employees or volunteers attain a greater understanding of sound and the art of mixing it.

Some of the topics we cover:
- Fundamentals of sound
- Signal flow
- Building a mix
- Equalization
- Effects
- Compression / Limiting
- Troubleshooting - (i.e. resolving a feedback issue, but not necessarily equipment repair)
- Equipment care
- Instrument isolation

We can also help identify any audio related needs you may have and help find affordable solutions to meet those needs.

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