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South African Record companies and Producers specialising in Afrikaans music should read this! I've been involved in the South African Afrikaans Music Industry for the past 20 years producing and recording many well-known Afrikaans Artists with sales in excess of 1.5 million copies. I know what is required from session musicians.

I'm versatile and play tight, in time, clean, and in tune.

I have an all-consuming passion for playing bass and that also reflects in my playing. I am creative without overplaying. My experience behind the sound desk has thought me a lot of what to expect from a studio session player.

I'm disciplined in the studio, arrive prepared, and am always on time. I don't make excuses - if you booked me - I'll be there. If I promised your song at a certain time - you'll have it. I take my work as a session musician very seriously.

If you are from a reputable Record Company or Recording Studio then I'll even record your first song for free, therefore you have nothing to lose.

With the ongoing pandemic, I record your bass tracks at my studio and I will send them to you via email or file-sharing services like WeShare.

Send me a song and a chord chart and I will record the bass track on your first song for free. You won't be disappointed.

I play with a Warwick 6 String Thumb Bass NT which is a fantastic instrument.

I also make use of various pre-amps and compressors to get the sound that will fit the song best.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Gear Highlights
  • Warwick 6 String Thumb Bass NT and various Pre-Amps
  • Simulators and Compressors.
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