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I can hear any song the first time, and by the second time, I have already came up with a Lyric or Lyrics ''Depending on how many Artists are on the song.'', Example...''If a Rap song goes from a Single to a Remix, It means more Artists for me to make Lyrics for.'' I have a Example, Please email if you need.

It also helps if the Artist i'm working with has put the Lyrics to their song, they need help with on Google. Example...''Juicy J's Bandz Make Her Dance'', Juicy J says ''All these chicks'', It should be ''All these bitches''

I also be on the Live Mixtapes.com webpage, Basically to see what new Rap Albums or Mixtapes songs have been put online, so that I can start my Lyric Songwriter process and put my own Lyrics in the song, and at the end, the Lyrics makes sense.

Rap...Example 2 Chainz
Metal...Example Five Finger Death Punch
Country...Example Florida,Georgia Line

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