Juan Carlos Quiroz

Music Producer

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Experience with Hip Hop & EDM. Mixing & Mastering.

Hi, I am a Music Producer, Beat Maker & Sound Engineer.
I have developed applicable experience, in working with Hip Hop, and EDM.
I love creating my own sounds through the use of software synthesizers, and have gained a lot of practical knowledge through out my journey!

I started out listening to Hip Hop, which when younger, blew my mind, the complexity of the rhythm, lyrical aspects, as well has it's artists.

I discovered Jazz a few years later, and again, was blown away, this time by the complexity and knowledge behind it, the depth of the core of all music, being morphed, and transformed into a new art of expression, both complex & beautiful...

If your wondering what caught my attention on the EDM scene, it was the rich, and quite impressive use of software synthesizers, since then I have fallen in love with creating my own sounds. and the different sub genres, englobing Electronic Dance Music.

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