Mastering Mansion is the biggest and most perfect Mastering Room in Europe and the only one in the world built entirely from scratch.
Nick Litwin has 21 years of experience mastering in the UK, Spain and Argentina.
Nick have mastered close to 2000 albums, EPs, singles, vinyl recordings, MFiT, remasters.
He has very happy clients all over the world.

World-Class Audio Mastering for every budget.

In order to avoid any acoustic compromise, we entrusted the design of the ideal room - with zero building restrictions - to one of the best Acoustic Engineers in the globe (Markus Bertram from MB Akustik/Germany) and afterwards we invested in a piece of land that allowed us to build that design with precision. The result: a room with a volume of 220m3 and an area of 52m2, that thanks to its ideal design, unique geometry, big size and customised materials, guarantees a near-perfect behaviour, with a transparency, linearity and spaciality impossible to get at studios made within previously constructed premises, with all its acoustic limitations.

The main goal at Mastering Mansion is to always obtain the maximum possible musicality, expresivity, strenght, dynamics and competitivity on our customer’s music.

We are not a factory of same-pattern-cut masters: we do not classify your music into standard categories.
We believe that every record has its own character and that no song is equal to any other.
What´s best is that you can tell us which is the exact vision through which you conceived each of your songs, and most important, if when you get your master there is anything that you don´t quite like, we will change that without extra charges.
We are here to help you achieve YOUR vision and give your music the best sound.

My credits include

AllMusic verified credits for Nick Litwin:

  • Macaco
  • Venueconnection
  • Zodiacs
  • Alicia Aleman
  • Darlly Maia
  • Drum & Brazz Project
  • SMS
  • Medina Azahara
  • Cerebro
  • Sex Museum
  • Lori Meyers

Gear highlights

  • Lipinski Grand/JL Audio 2.2 system
  • Buzzaudio REQ2.2 Mastering (modified)
  • Manley Massive Passive Mastering (modified)
  • Dangerous Mastering Console
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Comp
  • Lavry GOLD AD + DA
  • Antelope Atomic Clock
  • Weiss EQ1-DYN/LP and DS1-MK3

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

.Mixing Consultancy included
.One revision included (typically, that's enough)
.1 to 2 (working) days turn around
.2 stems mastering for the same price as L-R

Reviews of Nick Litwin/Mastering Mansion

  • Default-avatarabout 18 hours agoby

    Nick Litwin definitivamente sabe lo que hace y lo hace de la mejor manera. Su atención es increíblemente buena y ni hablar de los resultados. Muy recomendable como profesional, seguiré masterizando mis sencillos y mi álbum con él en Mastering Mansion, pues logra el sonido que se necesita y el que imaginaste como artista.

  • Default-avatarabout 19 hours agoby

    Nick ya nos ha masterizado dos discos y supera con creces cualquier expectativa. A parte de ser un auténtico profesional y muy fino trabajando, es un persona encantadora y con un oído y sensibilidad musical especiales. Trabajar con Nick te da la tranquilidad de saber que después de pasar por su estudio, tendrás ese punto de calidad que buscabas.

  • Default-avatar9 days agoby

    Siempre pido pruebas de master a diferentes ingenieros y acabo quedandome con la versión de Nick. Recomendable 100%.

    I allways ask diferent engineers for a master test, and I allways end up picking Nick´s versions. 100% recomendable.

  • Default-avatar18 days agoby

    Solo puedo decir que para mí,siempre será el mejor ingeniero de Mastering y que no dudaré nunca en trabajar con él..... trato muy profesional,cercano y sobre todo aconseja,para mí es muy importante que las dos partes sean parte del proyecto que se masteriza,solo puedo agradecer su trato y por supuesto su profesionalidad ....muy recomendable

  • Default-avatar19 days agoby

    Nick has become my go-to mastering engineer. After having many of my mixes mastered by some of the biggest names in the mastering world, I can say Nick doesn't only keep up with them, he is better. Simple as that.

    Do yourself, and your tracks, a favor and have nick master your songs. You won't regret it!

  • Default-avatar19 days agoby

    Outstanding Quality and Profesionalism !! .What every Artist & Musician Dreams Of..
    Rips the scale and brings your music to the next level..The perfect partner to work with.
    It´s absolutely a "Privilege" to have Nick take care of your music.Thanks Nick !

  • Default-avatar19 days agoby

    Gran profesional, he tenido el placer de trabajar dos veces con Nick y solo tengo cosas positivas que decir al respecto, gran calidad, trato único y personal, cercano con sus clientes, siempre consigue sacar mejores resultados de lo esperado, además de contar con un equipo de masterización profesional y su oído experto. Totalmente recomendable!

  • Default-avatar27 days agoby

    Obrigado Nick!
    Tenho colocado as minhas misturas para o Nick masterizar e fico sempre impressionado com a qualidade que recebo o Master,recomendo vivamente a experimentarem.

  • Default-avatar27 days agoby

    Altamente recomendado, además de la evidente calidad del equipo encontrarás una atención personalizada y podrás conseguir exactamente el tipo de master que estás buscando. Excelente calidad precio además y un trabajo realmente completo. Repetiré.

  • Default-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Desde hace años todas mis producciones pasa por Mastering mansión. Sea una grabación con muchos recursos o o algo hecho con poco presupuesto, el resultado después de su mastering siempre sube varios escalones de calidad. Para mí es una garantía y una tranquilidad poder contar con el oído experto de Nick.
    Lo recomiendo!

  • Default-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    thanks nick!
    It has been a very fine and professional work.
    It is by far the best master of what I've done.
    I felt a pleasant welcome in your home studio and I hope we meet again.

  • Default-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    I'm Ebi founder & director darkhood com / darkhoodfilms com
    been involved with sound for more than 12 years. Producing more than 120 Albums, 300 singles, 200 video clips, 60 million views, 2 films, 12 short films, 3 online series Worked with artist like 50 cent, Marlene Diva (Walt Disney) time for mastering = Nick Litwin !the best!

  • Default-avatarabout 1 month agoby

    Un trabajo muy superior a lo que me esperaba y muy por encima de otros masters que hice con otros ingenieros.
    No hay ningún aspecto del sonido del álbum que no haya superado mis expectativas.
    Suena cálido, profundo, dinámico y sin embargo con fuerza y volumen!
    Nick consiguió el sonido que tenía en mi cabeza =)

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Interview with Nick Litwin/Mastering Mansion

Analog or digital and why?
For most things, ANALOG! Yes, there are a few selected digital processors that MUST be part of every pro Mastering studio and that I love and use... but sound wise, most everything is made using the finest Analog selected pieces - most of them custom modified for us =)
What are you working on at the moment?
I'm usually working at 3 or 4 different projects at a time, as mastering is not a long process (I'm a lucky guy =) In the last few weeks I have done projects or songs for Rubén Blades, Alejandro Sanz, Jorge Salán, Vetusta Morla, Antonio Carmona and Pepe Habichuela, among others.
What type of music do you usually work on?
I work with ALL types of music. It is my view that a great mastering engineer MUST know about music in general and feel confortable working with all genres. This said, most of our clients revolve around popular genres, like Rock, Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Funk, R&B and Soul with just a few selected Jazz, Classical, Flamenco and Soundtrack clients.
What do you bring to a song?
Whatever that particular song transmits to me. I never put bricks on a wall. I LISTEN to your music with fresh ears and an open mind, and try to travel whatever the song takes me . That way I can deeply feel what the song tries to tell me and only after I have a clear view of what the song expresses - to me, at least -, I start processing to help the song emphasise the kind of sounds and colours that will make every listener feel what the artist is trying to say in the easiest, clearest and more natural way.
Tell us about your studio setup.
It is an extremely high quality setup, with a lot of options to do every single tasks with very different carachteristics, so we always have the right tool available for any type of processing needed on every kind of song and genre. 4 different analogue mastering EQs (2 of them modified to meet our specs) and the best digital EQ for extreme precision (Weiss EQ1-DYN/LP). 5 different analogue comp/limiters and the best digital dynamic processor (Weiss DS1-MK3) also for extreme precision when needed. The best tape machine simulation, the analogue AnaMod ATS-1 offering us the chance to add that extra touch of depth and warmth so needed on many productions. Kind of the same but in a different flavour is our Blackbox HG-1 tube harmonic generator. And on the digital chain, everything is clocked by the most accurate master clock in the Music Industry, the Antelope Atomic clock, 100.000 times more accurate than a regular crystal clock. All our work is mastered at 96k even if the original file is lower. We upsample using the fantastic Weiss SFC-2 and then use any digital process (if needed) and convert using the state of the art Lavry Gold DA-N5 Quintessence and Lavry Gold AD-122 MX converters at maximum bandwidth, letting all those digital processings occur at maximum quality, with the added depth and precision. EVERY single piece of gear we have is setup in a way that we can use it in normal L-R, stereo, but also in Middle and Side (M&S) mode and parallel mode, allowing us maximum flexibility to be able to do exactly what we feel it's needed, every single time =) Of course, our biggest jewell in the setup, is the near-to-perfection monitoring system, starting with the biggest mastering room in Europe (440m3 of area), built entirely from zero - we built the whole building with the geometry of the design! - and perfectly matched by our linear, high headroom, wide bandwidth monitor setup comprised by Lipinski Grands passive speakers, feed by Lipinski L-401 Monoblock amps and 2 JL Audio Fathom F112 v2 outstanding subwoofer, all crossed overed by the also fantastic JL Audio CR-1 Active Crossover. The room's response at our listening position is a staggering +- 0.5db between 25 Hz and 16 kHz, with +- 1db points in 170 Hz, 2.3 kHz and also 9.1 kHz.... more linear than anything we had heard of, allowing us very subtle modifications that make your sound go from good to outstanding =)
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
I will not talk about musicians, as there are soooo many who inspire me in my life and also in my work. I would only talk about a few professionals that I feel grateful for their friendship and their extensive knowledge, specially Bob Katz and Andreas Balaskas (Germany), but I also have to emphasise Bob Ludwig's work as a source of inspiration for certain aspects of the mastering process.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
We normally do audiophile quality, CD, DVD, MFiT, Streaming, Radio and Vinyl Mastering, including: .Equalization (using M&S techniques, Dynamic Equalization and per Channel Equalization). .Dynamic Manipulation (including Expansion, Compression, Limiting, Leveling and De-Essing). .Micro and Macro Dynamic Optimization (using Expansion-Compression techniques, separated band work and Edition). .Stereo Image improvements (using M&S manipulation techniques). .Artistic Edition (including fade ins/outs, crossfades, spacing between songs, dynamic manipulation, radio edits, parts replacements, etc.). .Noise reduction, Cleaning and File restoration. .Mixing Consultancy Service (together with the Mixing Engineer, before Mastering stage). .Stems Mastering (Stems-Multilayer) .Mastering for Vinyl Cut. .Mastering dedicated to Radio and TV. .Mastering for Internet Delivery and Streaming. .DDP Masters (including PQ Codes, ISRC, UPC codes, CD Text and Log written with instructions for Replication Plant). We also offer ND® Mastering (Natural Dynamics) and Turn Me Up Mastering for prime clients asking for extended dyanmic content.