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Hello! I've been producing and mixing music for a decade and I LOVE my job. I'm here to help you turn your music into awesome sounding reality within your budget. Feel free to contact me if you have any question or if you just want to say hi! Looking forward to work with you! Lucas

Please send me a message with your files BEFORE ORDERING, so I can check your recordings and make sure everything is ready.

Hi! I'm Lucas, a producer and audio engineer with over a decade of experience. My goal is the same as yours; to create a HUGE SOUNDING end product we can both be proud of!

Send me a message to request a FREE sample of one of your songs, so you can try before you buy. Note: Can take 48h or more. All orders take priority over free samples.
Services I offer:

- Mixing & Mastering
- Reamping
- Drums sampling augmentation
- Editing/time alignment (+$25 per instrument)
- Vocal tuning/pitch correction (+$25)
- Drums and/or bass midi work (including humanization) (+$25)
- Post Production (Impact FXs and Virtual Instruments addition - get a quote)

What I need from you:

- A rough mix of your song
- Tempo information (BPM / Tempo Map)
- Separate stems for every element
- Tracks properly labeled (if possible in a sub folder per instrument)
- All Tracks without any effects or processing in .wav format
- All midi files from your session (if applicable)
- Quality Recording (higher quality leads to better results).

If you have any question, hit me up and/or check the FAQ below!

I'm looking forward to working wih you!

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


Terms Of Service

Mixing: Limit of 5 revisions. Editing and tuning not included

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