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I´m Camilo A. Ruiz a mastering engineer and owner of Caja Morada Mastering located in Bogotá, Colombia with credits in mastering since 2010.

Some of my mastering credits includes: Red Blondie, Sarah, Magnetofonic and many others.

My mastering philosofy is based on the phrase "Mastering in the benefit of the music". So, I´m not the kind of engineer that gives you a brick of distortion at first. I´m not part of the loudness war. However, I can gives you a competitive master without compromising your music and your sound. The sound that your music deserves!

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Terms Of Service

Reply and delivery time is usually fast. So, a day or two for singles. For complete albums takes a little more. Radio versions and premaster vinyl versions have an extra cost.

Gear Highlights
  • Millenia NSEQ-2
  • Aphex Exciter
  • Dangerous 2 bus LT
  • Custom made Baxandall EQ
  • Weiss DS1-MK3
  • ART Pro Vla IIMOD
  • Chameleon labs 7720MOD
  • Custom made mastering console with Ka-electronics MS Matrix
  • Lynx Aurora 16
  • Mytek Stereo96DAC
  • Neumann KH310A