Dustin Hoag

Session Drummer

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I have over 15 years of experience playing on and producing records for a variety of bands and songwriters, both in commercial studios and from my home studio in Albuquerque. I own an assortment of professional instruments and recording equipment, giving me all the tools and training to realize your vision and breathe rhythm into your music.

My goal is to serve the song and be part of a collaborative process with great artists and musicians. I am comfortable replacing programmed parts where I'm required to perform an arrangement note for note, or playing more freely and creating parts based on my instincts. Communicating with artists about their goals and expectations is key to getting the best performance, so please reach out and speak up early and often.

I specialize in a live drum sound that brings energy to the song, while still capturing the tone and feel. I grew up performing rock music but I love playing any style where the spirit of a human drummer supports the music, whether that's country, pop, indie, alternative, punk, etc.

I primarily record drum tracks at my own private studio. The room is geared toward capturing a great live drum sound with acoustic treatment and professional microphones and preamps. I have worked in commercial studios and in pro audio for several years and am deeply familiar with the technical side of the process. I can record up to 16 channels of drums to capture whatever sound is right for the song, from tight and clean, to big and dirty, and everything in between.

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