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Hey there world, I am here to give great feedback and lend my ear to make awesome sounding tracks. I am passionate about my craft and I hope that We are able to team up to create what is best for the song.

I am a professional mixing engineer and producer. I have been involved with music for about 20 years where, I took the time to fully develop my craft of writing, production and mixing. At first growing up it was just about writing, then soon after I got introduced to producing and I now go back and forth between them while making music. Two of the greatest influences in my life are my parents as my mother is a singer/songwriter and my dad is a music producer/sound engineer. I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Art's mainly concentrating in Digital Culture and Design Studies. As a designer, I believe in growth and always pushing oneself to do more and even better than what they did before. So that means giving 100%, 100% of the times and not being fearful of failure.

On other things about me is that I run Track and Field professionally having competed at the highest level (Olympics). I also teach Music Production and Digital Fabrication - as a means of problem solving to global problems to high schoolers.

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