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Why write a scientific article to a student
Most students publish articles under pressure from external factors. In many universities, especially when studying for a master's degree, only those qualification works are accepted for defense, according to the results of which there are already publications in journals. Sometimes the head or administration of the university requires students to publish in order to increase the position of the university in the rankings. The using essay writing service experiences red - it's better in this matter. Some students are intrinsically motivated to pursue science. Then the availability of published articles can be very useful when applying for participation in a variety of seminars and schools, the costs of which are compensated by some kind of fund.

When applying for a master's degree, especially a foreign one, it is required to write a resume, and the number of scientific publications of the applicant will be an important advantage in the selection of candidates.

There are universities that pay additional scholarships to students with high publication activity.

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