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I write from my heart, where do you like me to start, I write Lyrics like art, but it sounds better, when you add the beat to that.

I'm from Iceland, and I'm new to writing lyrics, but I have always loved writing. I hope you and I can build music together with my lyrics. I'm here to make our dreams come true, and I hope I do. I have always loved music, and for me, music gives life meaning; I would be lost without it.

I talk from the heart, and I'm always friendly and open to be learning more. I learn to write English this year; I was always so bad at writing, so I did my best to write every day so that I could make my thoughts come to life in English for the music, so here I am

I hope my lyrics can give you meaning so they can come to life for others forever.

I really don't know a thing about what to write here, but I'm here for my Lyrics' mind.

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  • My mind travel faster than light when I think of lyrics
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