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Was created for the purpose to have fun in a learning competitive environment for Everyone We Have Producers Songwriters, Audio Engineer We Have What You need

Hi EVERYONE wanted to introduce myself. My name is ezron I'm a young audio engineer who has a vision. I created a platform called audio mixoff. My purpose of making the platform was to create a fun  learning environment for audio engineers. Our Mixoff component was created for the sole purpose of giving engineers around the world a platform to go up against each other in a fun way . And we also have an interview component also where we sit down video chat with young and old audio engineers getting stories  and tricks to share.our vision is to bring audio Engineering to the front. And make it MainStream. I wanted to reach out and ask you if you'd like to join us on this journey ? Get you on the platform to mixoff or interview. it'll be honour 

This our platform check us out

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