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I am a young songwriter based in London, writing about a variety of subjects - from the sombre to the political, and specialising in Folk and Indie music, but open to a wide range of genres. And best of all, I can work remotely for anyone in the world - I have even worked for clients in Taiwan, for example!

I also play a few instruments as described above, and am available locally for session work - message me for remote session work, this might also be possible.

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Interview with Dominic Johnson

What's your typical work process?
Listen to the track on repeat constantly so that I get acquainted with every part of the melody, so that it's drummed into my head. Then I tend to write down some 'syllable filler' lyric which is usually just words to fill the gaps. Finally, I'll start to write the first draft of the actual lyric, taking time to consider the brief that the client has set, and consulting the syllable filler to make sure it fits the melody. Then I'll leave it until the next day, when I'll look over it and see if there's anything I'd like to change before sending to the client for approval. If they have any changes they'd like to make I'll do them before returning the final product to the client.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
Perhaps most prominently, the fantastic Chris Wood, a songwriter whose lyrics straddle the gap between being folky and also being entirely contemporary, while at the same time brimming with emotion - and with beautiful guitar accompaniment too. And of course on top of that, there are the obvious masters - Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Kinks - Shangri La is, in my opinion, probably the greatest song ever written, with all those sections interwoven seamlessly together with a lyric that perfectly describes the alienation and angst that suburban life can bring.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
Generally speaking, I tend to receive requests of writing a lyric set to a pre-existing vocal melody, along with a title or a theme of what the song should be about. However, at the same time I've written lyrics entirely from scratch without any music pre-existing at all.