Gianni Kahanoff

Song Writer, Composer, Singer.

Gianni Kahanoff on SoundBetter

Hi my name is Gianni Kahanoff, wanna get some lyrics down?

Hey, im Gianni, pretty sure I can help you out with your lyrics. Are you having a rough time trying to get words into paper? Relax, we can work it out together!.
What if I told you that you dont have to do this all by yourself? Its super fun and super easy to get feelings down on paper! You just have to focus on whatever gets you moving on a feeling basis. Then, say it, then, write it.
Ive been writing songs for a long time now. It comes very easy to me to turn my thoughts or feelings into lyrics.
Its also very therapeutic.
I wrote the lyrics to my album, as well as lyrics for my musician friends who dont necessarily write just because there musicians, sometimes the fact that your a hell of a musician does not mean you are as good songwriter, or maybe your are!
Id be very glad to help you out.

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