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I am a believer in that music will enhance any experience, from watching a movie, reading a book, playing a sport etc. and when composing, I love to dive into the details and themes of whatever I'm writing about and bring it out in the music.

My name is Noah Damus and I am a composer from Ontario, Canada.

I primarily compose soundtrack music for films and video games, but I am extremely versatile and enjoy taking on challenges that bring me out of my comfort zone.

My music is inspired and influenced by epic stories from either fantasy or history, movies and their scores I grew up with, and of course other composers and musicians such as Hans Zimmer, Bear McCreary, Wardruna, Valravn etc.

I'm open to taking on projects of any size and scope. I hope you enjoy listening to my portfolio and look forward to finding out more about your project!

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  • FL Studio
  • East West Composer Cloud
  • Eduardo Tarilonte's Dark Era
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