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gb-mastering is a Berlin based mastering studio using custom built analog equipment and state of the art digital technology. I offer audio mastering for all mediums, stem mastering, tape processing, analog summing and DDP creation. If you have questions about my services or have special requests please let me know!


Mastering is about enhancing music. Nowadays it’s often just referred to making music louder, but that’s just a small part of the process. More importantly it should strengthen the artist’s vision in the final product. And this often means not to just make it loud, but carefully selecting analog and digital equipment to make fine adjustments to the sound. It’s about listening in between the instruments and creating a coherence between the songs. Often the changes done in mastering are smaller than expected, but that’s because mastering is not about repairing what has gone wrong in the recording or mixing, but enhancing the things that are already good.

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AllMusic verified credits for Gregor Bromme
  • Saint Asonia
  • Blind Guardian
  • Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra
Gear Highlights
  • Custom built Mastering Console
  • EAR 825Q
  • Pultec EQH-2 & ME Geithain RL903K
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