Tru Miles

Mix, Master, Rap, Write, Biz

Tru Miles on SoundBetter

I am here to collaborate with others on creativity and originality. Music is like art to me with the instrumentals being the canvas and composition being the paint. The microphone is the paintbrush and must be painted on properly in order to create a beautiful final product that everyone can listen to as well as visualize the song.

This is a small list of what I am experienced in:
1. Mixing
2. Mastering
3. Rap (Writer)
4. Music business consultation
5. Song/Album release preparation

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Gear Highlights
  • Blue Dragon Fly Microphone
  • Pair of Adam 5 speakers
  • Drawmer MX60
  • Single Avantone speaker
  • Presonus AudioBox iTwo
  • Presonus Monitor Station.
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