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Featured on Sony, bitbird, Seeking Blue, Lowly Palace, and more. Professional in pop and electronic production. Mixing/Mastering Engineer and Music Producer

Hi my name is Trevor!

I am an artist that goes under the name "Astrale". More importantly, I have extended expertise and knowledge as a mixing/mastering engineer and being a music producer for 11+ years. I have much experience in working with other artists, vocalists and such, and these skills are definitely something I can use to cater to those in need. A big part of my success in these skills comes from my ability to adapt to new types of work, and how that has converted into my own versatility with this profession. What I believe makes me stand out is my understanding of how production and engineering work. Nonetheless, as someone who also teaches people these subjects for a living, I find myself to be an outlier that goes beyond textbook knowledge and take things to a new level, which is why I find myself in a passionate state about what I do.

Furthermore, I have a former alias 'Auralen', Which has amassed over 3M+ streams across all platforms, with the largest song being a cover with Essenger called "Kids" by The Midnight. For the most part, my work has been featured across many different places, including but not limited to Sony, Trap Nation/Lowly Palace, bitbird, Seeking Blue and much more.

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  1. Review by Katie C.

    Another great mix. Astrale was able to take my vocals and really make them shine on this track more then I even expected. Always very professional and quick in turnaround time for revisions.

  2. Review by Katie C.

    Astrale did an amazing job mixing and and mastering my track. Very good vocal production and tasteful use of delay and reverb. He was Also very patient with the time I needed to send feedback which I very much appreciate.

  3. Review by Greg H.

    This is the 2nd mix and master I've had Astrale do for me. As always Astrale did a great job and is super easy to work with and very receptive to your needs!

  4. Review by AIR APPARENT

    Astrale is a highly talented producer who helped refine a lot of my production ideas with his strong production sensibilities around groove/drums/textures and synths. He was able to quickly get a sense for the direction I wanted to take my sound and achieve it with ease, all while doing so quickly and professionally. Communicating with him was also a breeze. Highly recommend!

  5. Review by Greg H.

    I gave Astrale the stems for a track I produced to mix and master and wow was I amazed! Super easy to work with and a very high quality audio engineer. WIll for sure use his services again!

  6. Review by Dorian Arana Castro

    Literally cannot stop working with this guy. Asked him for a master this time and it turned out perfect as always.

  7. Review by glisten!

    Astrale is amazing to work with, helped me make my ideas come alive with his production and I can't be happier how it turned out <333

  8. Review by Hollis
    by Hollis

    Wow! Astrale was so responsive and patient with me in regards to bringing the mix and master for my song to life. He is no doubt one of the best to do it. 10/10 will definitely be working with him again.

  9. Review by Dorian Arana Castro

    this man is a pro juicer. for context look at my previous review.

  10. Review by Preston Lull
    by Preston Lull

    I've worked with and seen the work of Trevor (Astrale) since like 2015, I can honestly say that he has a serious knack for doing GREAT, GREAT work. To top it off he's also extremely efficient and gets a lot done faster than most engineers, producers, and even songwriters I've worked with. I highly recommend giving him a chance to help you with your music

  11. Review by Dorian Arana Castro

    Hey guys, It's me again. Just finished working with Trevor on another project that was due in literally less than one hour. I was actually working live show and had zero time to work on anything. My ass was literally saved by trevors quick turnaround time and efficiency. I am pleased to say that I will be working with more than ever.

  12. Review by Mark
    by Mark

    I've officially worked with Trevor twice.
    I hired him in June to Mix and Co-Produce a song and to say I was nothing but amazed by the results would be an understatement. He is very careful and meticulous with his craft and has a keen ear for what a song is need of. He has a great way to bring out the best of a song without the worries of it feeling like it's missing something.
    With Trevor everything is where it should and needs to be.

  13. Review by Jonny H.

    I have hired Astrale (Trevor) for audio engineering work for multiple projects of mine, and I can't express how blown away I am. All the way from his expertise on mixing/mastering, to even his songwriting, Trevor has been an invaluable asset to helping my music reach its full potential.

    His mastering work is phenomenal; not only was he was able to deliver exceptionally clean masters, but he was able to deliver it in a timely manner. He is all around a solid guy as well and very respectful and kind.

    Trevor is your guy if you need that last push to get your music where you want it to be.

  14. Review by Dorian Arana Castro
    by Dorian Arana Castro

    Trevor is the type of guy you could develop a long-term relationship with. He's got Passion, Integrity, Skill, Great Communication, and a Vision. If you need work done on a project of yours, You can trust that Trevor will get it done, and that he'll get it done exactly how you want it.

  15. Review by Skye Abrams
    by Skye Abrams

    Astrale has always been a pleasure to work with. His work ethic and turnaround time is pretty much unmatched when it comes to mixes and his passion for high quality results and great communication comes through with every project.

Interview with Astrale

  1. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  2. A: Both. In todays day in age, music technology has improved greatly to where digital emulations have gotten very close to real hardware. I think analog will always have a place as long as it maintains its relevance in modern music production/engineering. There is a lot of preference when someone is deciding between digital and analog, and I wouldn't say they're better than one another, while it's more of a standard of what you look for. I'm always looking for ways to do things more efficiently when it comes to production, and audio engineering. One of the most enjoyable parts about this field of music is exploring how many alternatives there are to doing things.

  3. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  4. A: I think being a DIY artist for 10+ years in my life has taught me how my skill can be used to work with other people. It's also rewarding how much a normal thing I do can translate to helping someone's project on a magnitude that I sometimes can't comprehend because I am so used to doing this stuff everyday. In the end, I find that aspect of it all very humbling and it gives me purpose I never thought of.

  5. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  6. A: One of the biggest questions I ask involve the specifics of the work they need to be done. It's great to be aware of what a client is really looking for so you can steer the project in the direction they intend.

  7. Q: How would you describe your style?

  8. A: I've worked on all kinds of styles. I spent most of my career making electronic music, and got deeper than ever into pop music production and what not. I definitely work heavily in Pop/Indie-pop/Hyperpop and many more genres around this circle of music.

  9. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  10. A: Rob Milton, Grey, Holly Humberstone, The 1975.

  11. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  12. A: From my time doing commission-based work, the most common type of work I get done typically involves mixing, mastering, and production/co-production.

  13. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  14. A: It's important to know how to manipulate frequencies in order to make the presence of a frequency range on a sound more noticeable in the mix. For ex, if I have a large wall of sound with instruments, and I have a guitar solo that needs to stand out, I'm going to do what I can to make sure I can tweak the way I process elements so this solo can lock into the mix smoothly. Things you can do for this is equing out and changing the gain of specific elements in order to create space for something you want to be the main focus of the mix. The same goes with vocals and any other contrasting element within a song.


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