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I'm a remote session drummer

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Send me your tracks without any drums and tell me what feel you’re going for. Also, share any musicians or drum sounds you are trying to channel or emulate. I’ll record drums to the audio file you shared with me. I’ll bounce the file and send it back to you. I’ll share the raw files with you as well.

I paid my dues by touring Germany and played in support of accomplished artists such as Steve Lukather, Dandy Warhols, among others. I continued my musical journey in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to play with some amazingly talented artists. I gained more experience and started working for a global manufacturer of recording equipment. There I worked alongside audio engineers and developed courses on the recording process. This work helped me learn a lot about signal flows, processing, compression, and many other critical topics. A few years later, I started playing the Northern California cover band circuit and learned even more about music by playing a lot of different styles with several bands. In the future, I hope to help more songwriters, producers, and other creatives realize their vision for a song.

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