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Easy-2-mix drums! I'm a drummer with a degree in popular music and also an audio engineer. My specialty is rock, but I can play in a wide variety of styles, both reading sheet music or playing by ear. As an audio engineer, I manage to obtain different drum tones, which will fit like a glove in your productions.

Easy To Mix Drums.

This is what really means when it comes to have a drum track on a mix. As an audio engineer I know how complex it turns to be when editing and mixing drums that were artistically great, but doesn't fit properly on the track.

You may send me a demo, a backing track, a written drum part or even an idea of a drum pattern to work and record for you. I usually record to a metronome (without a backing track), but I can play along backing tracks, improvise or doubling recorded drums.

I will send you 3 complete drum takes, as well as drum samples of the drumset I used to record, and if you wish, loops of the main grooves and fills. It is all included in the package, as well as one revision.

You may choose among 3 drumkits (2 custom hand made), 2 sets of cymbals, 3 sets of microphones and all possible combinations. I can record up to 16 channels at 48kHz or 12 at 96kHz.

My specialty is rock and pop in general. I don't play double bass drums.

I've drummed for a number of different artists, such as classic rock, pop rock, samba, big band, jazz, instrumental music, singer-songwriter, bossa nova, funk, sertanejo, pagode, forró.

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Terms Of Service

I will send you 3 takes of each song, as well as drum samples of the drumkit used on the recording. It includes one revision (re-record of the 3 takes).

Gear Highlights
  • 3 sets of drums (2 custom hand made drums) and 2 sets of cymbals to choose from or combine; three sets of microphones; up to 16 channels at 48kHz/32-bit float
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