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Blitz are a creative duo that provide extensive music and sound services for video games and moving media, based in London. Music is what we live and breathe, sound is what makes us tick. We put our heart in soul into delivering exceptional audio for every project ​

We're a duo based in London with many years of experience in composition and sound design for video games and moving media.

We cover many aspects of Music Production, Sound Design, Game Audio and Music Licensing.

- Original composition in a variety of styles and genres.
- Scalable to cover projects of all sizes and budgets.
- Production of both linear + Interactive score.
- Music editing and re-arrangement.

- Creation of new unique sounds + field recording.
- Bespoke and high impact for trailers.
- Carefully crafted for linear sound design.
- Well thought out and flexible for interactive work.

- Full audio vision and planning.
- Delivery, asset management, consultation and budget planning.
- Talent sourcing + management.
- Audio system design.
- Implementation in FMOD, Wwise or natively in Unreal, Unity and other engines.

- Music searches and licensing from music libraries and major record labels.
- Re-records of well known tracks in new styles
- Our own catalogue of music with flexibility on fees and stems.
- Negotiation with rights holders and due diligence on music rights and unions.

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