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Vocal Venture is a Vocal Arranging, Supplying and Coaching organisation which will create innovative and unique Backing Vocal and A cappella arrangements for your tracks. We have worked in a variety of styles and will tailor our creativity to deliver your vision.

Vocal Venture is a project run by Hannah Graystone and Davide Ventimiglia. We feel that backing vocals are often a second thought, however, when given time and attention they add to and enhance an arrangement. We also write A cappella pieces, a creative way to realise an original or alternative version of your music. We believe the human voice captures our emotions in the purest form. When harmonised effectively you will experience your track in a new way.

We offer different packages which range from simple to more complicated ‘choir like’ arrangements. These prices are just a guide to give an idea of how much we would charge for a whole track. However, after discussing your vision, together, we will come to an agreement on the price.

The packages below include one revision. After we have sent you the first draft, you can give us feedback to improve and refine our ideas.

Basic Arrangement (3 parts) £100 - 5 days delivery
Standard Arrangement (5 parts) £150 - 7 days delivery
Premium Arrangement (sky is the limit) £250 - 10 days delivery

We also offer different options for recording:

If you only need a demo, the prices above stand.

However, we have a group of talented vocalists who can realise your piece. This price will depend on the number of vocalists needed for the project.

Looking forward to hearing about your project and working with you!

Send me a note through the contact button above.


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