Nikhil Suresh

Audio Engineer/Music Producer

Nikhil Suresh on SoundBetter

Grammy nominated engineer/producer to help make yours tracks vibrant.


My name is Nikhil, I'm a Grammy nominated engineer and a music producer as well. I've been making music for close to 15 years now and have been working as an audio professional for about 10 years. In this duration, I've worked with all sorts of artists, some upcoming and not yet established, and some which have been on the charts for years.

What I bring to every project is integrity and determination to make it sound the best it could be. I have the skills and experience to back up my motivation, and also strive to ensure clients are always stoked about the final product they're receiving.

I've worked on tons of different styles of music and refrain from being pinned into one box musically. From Rock to RnB, from pop to polka, from Blues to Bollywood. Whatever style of music it is, I can make it happen; and given the rare occasion that I can't, I'll let you know I'm not the right person for the project.

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