This Berlin-based audio production facility combines a flexible project studio approach with enhanced live recording possibilities.

At the block we host a small project studio using a few but quality microphones, preamps and converters combined with a potent Digital Audio Workstation (running Steinberg's Cubase and else). We have a live room to record in about 34 sq m big (equipped with Ludwig drums, tube amps, instruments of all ages). But most important is the time we invest in your project. Your budget is rigid but your plans are ambitious? We will find a way to get the sound you want, just ask!

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Apogee Rosetta 200
  • D.A.V. BG No. 8
  • dbx 166
  • Gretsch G5622T-CB
  • Ludwig Signet TerraBeat
  • Moog Minimoog
  • Nevaton MC-416
  • Neumann KH 310 A
  • Oktava MK-012 Sitler
  • Prime 2276
  • SPL Qure
  • SSL X-Desk
  • Valley People 610

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

All is negotiable, no unsatisfied artists needed.

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