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I play every genre of music: Rock, Pop, Funk, HipHop, RnB. Don't hesitate to contact me for any information!

Andrea Ferro was born in Gallarate on May 1992 holding a pair of drumsticks.
First instructed by his own father, an experienced drummer himself, he has been combining his great passion with relentless study and has managed to meet and learn from the best drummers of his homeland. After that, he embarks to the rich Milanese environment, where he is influenced by many talented musicians, band Ministri’s Michele Esposito to name one.
In 2014, he enters the NAM Bovisa Music Academy. After being mentored by the great Maxx Furian for three intense years, he graduates from it in 2017.
Andrea is a dynamic and passionate musician, who alternates studio recording sessions with live tours all over the country alongside with his numerous bands. The collectives he has been working with span different genres, and that has allowed him to become an eclectic and versatile drummer.
Devoted to a rigid work ethic and in constant search of new musical possibilities, he dedicates a lot of his time to study and improvement. He is currently attending teacher Giovanni Giorgi’s prestigious drumming lessons.
When being an instructor himself, you can find him teaching in three different music schools near his hometown, where he is busy inspiring children and young adults who share his same passion for the instrument.

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Terms Of Service

Maximum 2 revisions
Don't hesitate to contact me for any information!

Gear Highlights
  • Hello! I'm Andrea
  • an Italian session drummer
  • specialized in the use of DAW like Logic Pro X. I will write
  • perform
  • and record high quality resolution audio format. I give you 8 tracks (Kick
  • Snare
  • HH
  • 2 Toms
  • 2 Overheads & 1 Room Mics)
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