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If a song misses something, I know what is missing.

My name is Kevin Verlouw from The Netherlands and music is my life. As a little kid I was always making music and now, 29 years later, I've graduated at one of Holland's most renowned music schools. I have made close to every genre you can think of. From house to reggae and from pop to rock 'n roll, you name it, I have co-written or created it.

I'm a true songwriter. I can create a song from scratch or fill in the gaps and spice it up. I can write toplines, lyrics , sing and play multiple instruments. I've learned a lot by doing; writing my own music, performing and playing in my own band. At school I fine tuned my talent. Instead of always following my gut (I kind of still do it, but yeah..), I now can pinpoint what a song is missing and create the missing piece.

What I offer is a diverse package. Whatever your song needs, I'm your guy.

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Interview with Kevin Verlouw

  1. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  2. A: That making things that sound easy are easy to make.


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