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All software is legal here, beware of others..., people that have too much software, when you hire HSM, you are supporting legal software developers. also have real Analog...some plugins can be replaced with Real HW, for an extra fee. 1-example: Aphex Aural Exiter with BigBottom.

There are people that hire others because have worked with famous people or has fake photos.
if you are one of those, click Back (X)Close or Next.

other people listen and follow their heart, listen their ears.
those are welcome here.

40% of the song is Free, to unlock the other 60%, is $$$..
preferable eCoins: BCH, XMR, BSV, BTC, BCD, BTG, ETC, ETH, DOGE,
coins that can be traded in changelly or shapeshift.

Nothing to lose: 40% Free Mastering.

Mixing is a lot more work, takes a lot more time.
Recording is Not possible, severe lockdowns here.

The Name: HalfSpeedMastering comes from different places,
the old fable of the Turtle vs. the Rabbit.
in real life, old Vinyl Mastering with Neumann & Scully Lathes,
Higher Quality Masters stampers nickel negative used to make 1000 copies without losing quality,
were Recorded at Half Speed with Diamond needle,
a 33 1/3 rpm record was recorded at 16.66 rpm, 45rpm at 22.5rpm,
Standard Quality was Ruby and Normal speed.
Digital 96KHz file was also played slow, or 2-Track Tape Machine
it gives the needle more time, to be more precise, more accurate, more in control.
doing slower ex: 25% has low frequency loss. 50% is the perfect balance.
40Hz becomes 20Hz, and 20Hz is filtered out, inaudible rumble that can make needle skip, and reduce recording time.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Terms Of Service

Revisions are $1usd. each. upfront.
do as many as you like.
Payment $$$ preferable in eCoins: BCH, XMR, BSV, BTC, BCD, BTG, ETC, ETH..

Gear Highlights
  • Legal Software
  • Avid HDX
  • Masterclock
  • Clean AC Power
  • custom HW.
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Mastering: 40% of the song is Free, Revisions $1usd. each, as many as you like.

  • Analog Photography Scanning serviceApr 07, 2021

    Imacon / Hasselblad scanner,
    Profoto Flash Heads.
    or 50Megapixel Medium format Digital Back
    Also available...
    different locations and models for your Record cover.