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I will record groovy bass lines for your songs as your favourite bass guitar player

Hi! I'm Simone, nice to meet you.

If you need some low end to fill out your song you're in the right place!

I will play bass on your song or track based on a chord progression, drum beat, written part or create a full bassline.

I can play finger picking, slap, pick and record with:

Fender standard jazz bass
Fender precision bass (78)
Rickenbacker 4003
G&L L2005 (5 strings)
Sansamp Bass Driver D.I.

to cover sound for any genre you need.

You'll get a bass track recorded with professional hardware and software up to 192kHz sample rate with a 32bit depth. (tell me your preference. 44.1kHz/24bit recommended!). Simple D.I. track or amped with basic mixing (comp,eq,efx,etc..) if needed.

Feel free to contact me for any information.

Before placing an order send me a message so we could find a deal and i'm sure we can definitively work together.

Talk soon!

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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