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I'm a beat maker born in the hood, went to a hood school, all my friends are hood, get it? I'm authentic, I know what's fire and what's not. I never listened to song that were popular but those that sounded good. 9/10 The beat is what made or breaked a song im not a lyric head so with that said I will leave it to you. This effort is what ai put in!

Listen, I make a lot out of nothing. That's how I grew up. I'm rare, a "INFJ" personality "hood n*gga".

Find your MBTI and find freedom!

I'm the kind of guy that finds a few things I like then tune and upgrade until I need nothing else. With that mindset is how I survived the hood, HipHop has the most quality for someone in my shoes. It's knowledge from the n'ggas you want to know from with a mean delivery. Me though, that was fine I naturally absorb lyrics. Made rappers my father figures but that wasn't it. My moms genes started to show up in me when I started liking jazz but just a little bit when it hit me. "Im more interested in the beat than the lyrics".

The bass!! I fell in love with the bass and everything else but to me that is most important. Many guys out here over complicate their beats by adding too much bass and noise but I know a sweet spot for simple but effective beats. I'm a natural at this, I can turn a underground getting knowhere song to a straight banger. Try me.

#StopTryingToBeSomeoneElse #BeSomeoneNew

This is my number 1 most important things though... I'm trying to get out the hood and this sad city of mines. It's a barrel of crabs. I'm on a grind and won't disappoint!

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Come to me with what you want and I will give what you want as soon as possible. Once im on a mission everything else needs to wait. 1-2 revisons

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