Music production and recording facilities of outstanding acoustic quality.
One of the largest, independent recording studios that is in service today.

We like to make things possible.

- Located within the former GDR radio facilities in East Berlin, former radio-play recording studio

- Outstanding acoustics. The studio offers up to five separate recording stages with different properties and a dedicated natural reverb chamber

- Console is SSL WAS 948 at the time, with a broad selection of external preamps and outboard
- We record to ProTools

- PMC Monitoring
- Foldback via Aviom System with Beyerynamic headphones

- A vast microphone collection

- (…)

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Gear highlights

  • API · Beyerdynamic · Chandler · Daking · Empirical Labs · Neve · Universal Audio · EMT · Neumann-Gefell · Sony

Genres I specialize in

Endorse Funkhaus Studio Berlin