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I specialise in electric guitar re-amping with a special emphasis on Valve tone and quality using all valve processing (including valve effects). With the quality of simulation and modeling amps I aim to offer authentic valve tone unmatched by amp simulation and modeling amps. My skills offer an unrivalled quality to compliment your music.

I use valve preamps and effects to achieve a sonic quality you will want to achieve with emulation plug-ins.

Including all of the best signal processing and audio production skills to achieve the final sound you want for your mix.

Compliment the best tones you have achieved emulation tools with pure valve effects and tone from my specialist and dedicated guitar recording studio.

My business will offer a fast turnaround and quality service while achieving the best quality for your music. I intend to work with you from idea to final stereo mix down for your music.

I will work with a variety of styles that benefit from valve amp tone and quality. The best quality tone for your music without the problematic recording and mixing process!

Maintain your current guitar tracks character and tone as I offer the unrivalled valve tone and quality for your mix and will work to achieve the quality of tone you desire.

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Gear Highlights
  • Orange
  • Blackstar
  • AKG
  • IK multimedia
  • Presonus
  • Vox
  • Logic Pro
  • Ernie Ball
  • Sennheiser
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