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(IRP) produced a demo disc for Champagne City in the 80s entitled AT A DANCE featuring Angela and Linda on the vocal side and Roy on the fender lead guitar instrumental side which was regular featured on HARDSTUFF Radio Sheffield-Radio 1 and now features on HANK -

Isle Recording Promotions HANK and and - (IRP) also produced another 250 original song and instro demos and about 50 are featured within - Roy and Angela left the UK for Spain with their new born child Serena and left about £20,00.00 worth of the dismantled studio with a friend whom turned out to be a pretence friend and failed to return the studio gear to (IRP) Roy was merited by HER MAJESTY for original feature Film computer generated GRAPHIC ART - Roy went on to produce some Elvis tracks which you can view on ELVIS - Entertainment World Consultancy and GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT CONGLOMERATE.

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  • Yamaha large 4x4 vocal-guitar speaker system for live venues

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