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I am based out of Nashville, TN

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7 Reviews

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  1. Review by Abigayle Kompst
    by Abigayle Kompst

    Jackson is your guy for all things recording: pre-production, tracking, editing, producing, mixing, mastering and more!! We always have a blast in the studio and I'm amazed by the ideas he has that just keep coming. And the SOUND... omg the SOUND. I swear I could release the tracks he records without any processing, because everything is so carefully recorded-- paying attention to the timbres that the song needs and not relying on "fixing it in post". I look forward to continuing my work with Jackson.

  2. Review by Griffin
    by Griffin

    Jackson is a fantastic mixing engineer, creative writer, and out-of-the-box producer/thinker. He cares dearly about all of his clients, giving them all the respect and communication outlets needed. Jackson is a pleasure to work with and takes everything into consideration. Whether it be mixing a song, helping craft a basic song into something fresh and vibrant, tuning vocals, or even finalizing a project; he’s the man. I highly recommend Jackson for any music needs.

  3. Review by Tom Blankenship
    by Tom Blankenship

    Having had the opportunity to work with Jackson on varied and numerous sessions I can attest to his amazing ear, hard work and mixing skills. Above all else he is a creative powerhouse and brings that talent and creativity to whatever project he's investing his time into. Plus, he's a really great human which makes interacting with him, especially during crucial decision making, such a breeze. After 24 years in the music business it's the time I've spent in the studio working with Jackson that I've learned the most.

  4. Review by Tim Weigand
    by Tim Weigand

    It’s not often that you come across musicians that can do everything there is to offer musically. Jack is a valuable professional to work with whether it be arranging, mixing, guitar, recording, etc. Jack's ability to develop arrangements on the fly is unlike any other person I've worked with. If you have an idea and need help arranging/mixing it I guarantee jack will have 100 ideas for every 1 idea that you have. It’s also great to work with someone that loves listening to music and prioritizes playing what feels good first. Sonically he's versatile, the end result is always easy on the ears.

  5. Review by Lila Rose
    by Lila Rose

    Jackson produced and mixed my first single, “Life Lived Wrong,” and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. He truly brought my song to life and made it sound so much better than I ever could have imagined. Every session was so fun and rewarding. If you’re looking for a producer who can take your musical dream and turn it into reality, Jackson is definitely your guy!

  6. Review by Seth Cook

    Jackson is a homie. Love his ear for mixing and can do everything himself, so he brings lots of experience in any situation. I don't meet a ton of people that passionate about what they do. Jackson is definitely in it for the love. Great dude and always a fun time working on music. Ideal for any musical endeavors. Highly recommend hitting him up to work on your stuff.

  7. Review by Josh Edward
    by Josh Edward

    I worked with Jackson on my first record for my project The American Buffalo. I can honestly say without his help the record would not have sounded nearly as good. Jackson is very passionate about what he does and has a great ear. He brings a lot of ideas to the table, and he is receptive to whatever ideas you might have yourself. He has a unique approach to production which is immediately recognizable while also remaining attentive to the unique demands of each individual track. I’m glad I worked with him.

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