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I’m Amy, and I have 20+ experience years in the music industry. 
I’ve spent many an hour behind a studio mic, recording click tracks for various theatrical productions, as well as recording both lead and backing vocals for many different projects. My primary skills are a great ear; very reliable pitch and timing, and excellent with harmonies.

Notable Collaborations and Writing Credits:

- Natalie Williams, Robin Mullarkey, Phil Peskett & Martyn Kaine (‘Love the One You’re With’)

- Bernard Wittmann & Sascha Waack at Blaufabrik Tonstudio, Germany (covers of Swing Out Sister songs ‘Breakout’ and ‘ You on My Mind’)

- Mike Sheppard & Phil Edwards (workshop recording of musical; “The Curious Affair at Moord Manor”)

- David Redston, Ready Made Theatre (original recording of 'A Christmas Carol')

- Sessions with The London Dance Orchestra at Barking Studios (with Robin Harris, Phil Donnelly, Mez Clough)

- Click track vocals for Chris Jordan Pantomimes and Emil Dale Academy in-house productions

- Donnelly/Whitehead (compositions of originals; ‘Insomnia’, ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ and ‘Somebody’)

- Tim Rose (lyrics and melody for the LA FUNK EP)

- 'Jet' cover (b.vox) Guerrilla sessions with Jo Webb (ELO)

Other sessions at:
- Premises Studios
- Arnos Groove
- Bell Percussion
- Phil Dennis Studios
- Tek Land

I have a professional studio set-up at home, giving me the ability to remotely record, mix and send back whatever you’d need me to work on. I’m happy to work to a deadline, and happy to create/co-write lyrics, melodies and harmonies.

I have a performance background which spans pop, musical theatre, soul, jazz, and funk, meaning I have the tools to adapt to and lean into any style.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

12 Reviews

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  1. Review by Bill Walmsley
    by Bill Walmsley

    Just heard Amy for the first time covering "Breakout" WOW! what energy in her vocals along with a pretty incredible slate of musicians! Very well produced video. Looking forward to enjoying more of her work.

  2. Review by Henry Sambach
    by Henry Sambach


  3. Review by Bernhard Wittmann
    by Bernhard Wittmann

    Amy was recommended to me by drummer Sascha Waack for an online collaboration, doing Swing Out Sister songs. I was immediately impressed by her voice, the friendly way she responded, how she recorded her voice, nice an tasteful backing voices, her professionality, and of course her sympathetic charisma. 5 stars from me.

  4. Review by Mike Horth
    by Mike Horth

    Amy has been part of a number of projects for me, including recording all the lead vocals for an original musical 'Starchaser' for primary school children, and most recently providing a lead vocal for a community choir recording. On all occasions she has been fabulous and fun to work with. She has a fantastic voice and produces vocals of a consistently high standard, with great musicality and feel. The latest project was done remotely and the files I received from Amy were very well recorded and dropped perfectly into the project in my studio, and were delivered promptly!

  5. Review by Natalie Williams
    by Natalie Williams

    I worked with Amy on a vocal recording workshop premises and was blown away by her professionalism, her musicianship, energy and vibe. She’s also a ‘one-take-wonder’ kinda gal! Note perfect, great timing, feel and voice. Fab fab (and incredibly lovely) vocalist!!!!

  6. Review by Chris Gardiner
    by Chris Gardiner

    Amy has been such an asset to so many projects over the last 20 years. In the main these have been pressure sessions with a lot of backing vocals to get through, her amazing musicianship and personality have made these a success and a joy to do. She has a great voice and always understands what is needed for each project.
    Always my first choice for alto lines, pitch and timing is always spot on.
    Always a pleasure.

  7. Review by Tim Rose
    by Tim Rose

    Amy has the magical combination of great timing, pitching, musicality and vibe. Always enthusiastic in any situation. In a recent writing collaboration she delivered lyrics and a fully conceived vocal arrangement in super quick time. Can’t wait to record the track.

  8. Review by Phil Donnelly

    Amy is a top class singer, her passion for funk, pop and rock is apparent in her flawless performances. I’ve recorded and written with Amy for years and she never fails to come up with great ideas and support and nurture others in the collaborative process.
    She’s got a great recording rig at home and always returns high quality tracks nice and quickly.
    A real asset to any project, not to mention a good laugh and easy hang!

  9. Review by Joe Redston
    by Joe Redston

    I’ve worked with Amy on countless projects in the last 20 years, both live and in the studio. Aside from simply having a great voice, she also has a phenomenal ear - she learns fast, and is brilliantly consistent from show to show and take to take. We haven’t yet found a harmony she can’t nail! Lastly - she is fantastic to work with, knowing how to strike exactly the right balance between fun and professionalism. We will absolutely be calling her again!

  10. Review by Sascha Waack
    by Sascha Waack

    I met Amy on a Eiropean Tour for the Musical „The Rocky Horror Show“ and we remained friends ever since. She was a great Singer back then allready. About a year ago we started to record Music together. We sent her sound files from Germany to England and she sent her vocal recordings back to us. When we first got her files I was blown away how professional the recordings where, they sound fantastic. Also, we never told her what to sing or how to sing or phrase the vocal lines, she just came up with fantastic vocal ideas herself. Also her backings are superp too. Its all spot on. Amy is a pro !!

  11. Review by Ian Break Stewart
    by Ian Break Stewart

    I’ve known about Amy for years, funny that we have worked with so many of the same people but never had a chance to work together until last year. I was really impressed by her as a lead vocalist and her work arranging and recording the backup vocals was great, I would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for an experienced and professional vocalist to add a little something extra to their project......

  12. Review by Simon Heeley
    by Simon Heeley

    Amy is a fantastic vocal talent and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have worked with her a number of times as keyboard player, and every time she has been so quick and on the ball. She has a great musical ear and a really good understanding of harmony, which means working through songs etc is a breeze. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough!

Swing Out Sister 'Breakout'

I was the Lead singer and backing vocals in this production

Terms Of Service

I work very much on a case-by-case basis, but usually can turn something around within a few days up to a week.

Please see below links for audio, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Aston Origin mic / Logic Plug ins
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