Amani Malone

Inspirational Pop Musician

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I love music so I continue to make music that inspirers others to share their stories and make music as well. To chase dreams and to have no regrets about it. The music I make is Pop, Hip-hop, Inspirational, R&B. A little bit of pop rock. Music is Earth Vibrations. Frequencies High & Low. In Between. Blend and ascend. Gone with the wind.

I play acoustic guitar, lots of chords I have learned. Some piano, and can make a whole track with percussion instruments to the track. I like to write up my own lyrics as well. My Story and how life is awesome once i apply myself and make my life awesome. I have done several open mics. Mainly behind the scenes however. Open to perform but due to Covid-19 Regulations I am unsure about the performances. Music that Sounds Good Sounds Good to me. Everyone Has different taste however.

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