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Affordable Mixing & Mastering for Independent Artists working on a budget. I am a self-releasing artist with over a decade of experience in Writing and Performing and currently release music under the Artist Name 'OPSAT'. I Mix & Master my own material and would love to work with artists who want a cheaper alternative for their releases.


My name is Chris and I release my own music under the Artist Title 'OPSAT'. I've been writing and performing music for nearly 15 years and in the past few years I have been producing my own Electronic Music as well as Mixing and Mastering my own material.

I'd love to give you an affordable option when it comes to having a radio-ready track fit for sending to Playlist Curators, Record Labels and sharing with your fans!

I am comfortable with mixing Multiple Audio Stems/MIDI in order to produce a track which you can be proud of and continue to share for years to come. I have experience in working with most genres (just get in touch if you are unsure if I am a good fit).

How your music will be treated:

Full Mix & Master using FL Studio 20
Multiband Compression
Application of effects (Reverb, Delay)
Dynamic EQ
Additional Elements (sub bass/synth etc)
Stereo Imaging
Correct Loudness
Reference tracking and AI EQ/Master matching.

Technologies used from Slate Digital, Izotope, Soundtheory, Xfer and more.

Before you consider this option, please take a listen to some of my releases and get in touch if you're happy with the quality and would like a similar level of production! linktr.ee/OPSAT

Send me a note through the contact button above.


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