Magnus Lindberg Productions

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Freelance mixer, producer, sound engineer and audio expert based in Stockholm, Sweden. I do recording/producing, mixing, mastering, sound-design and more for all types of clients. Also a member of the Swedish band Cult of Luna.

Mix/Mastering room based on a hybrid rig with SSL Soundscape V7 DAW and SSL Nucleus topped with excellent analogue gear. It’s a combination between the analogue character and the fast workflow and recalls of the modern age.

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Gear Highlights
  • Focal SM9
  • Cranesong Avocet
  • Cranesong HEDD 192
  • SSL Nucleus
  • SPL Mixdream XP
  • Distressors
  • Gyraf G14
  • TK Audio BC2-ME
  • Looptrotter Monster Compressor. Culture Vuture
  • Roland Space Echo
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