I specialize in mixing, mastering, and producing albums.

I'm also a musician, and can lay down tracks for your album or perform with you live: Singing, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

I grew up listening to my Dad's Vinyl Albums; and I mean, really listened. He taught me early on to pull up the recliner, centered in between the speakers in the living room, turn the lights off, and to emerse myself in the world created by each album I listened to.

I love teaching Bands how to take their great songs, and mold them into an Album that you want to listen to front to back; not just a few singles, then a bunch of b side songs that nobody cares about. Each song matters.

I don't change bands. I guide them and their songs into a place where their potential can be met. I don't take crap songs and make them hit singles; I take great songs and show you how to embellish on them, or simplify them so that people can hear the heart behind the song. Sometimes this is a quiet ballad, and sometimes the is a heavy metal anthem. It depends on your heart, and what you're trying to say.

If you already have your tracks recorded, and just want someone to mix them, I can do that, as well as master your already mixed tracks.

I also play music. I predominately play drums, but I also sing, as well as play guitar. I have many friends that I've played with through the years that are some of the finest musicians I've ever heard; so, if you need players to sit in on your project, I can recommend some based on your style.

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