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Producer / Mixing

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Producer & Mixing Engineer from Medellin, Colombia with 8 + of experience. From simple contributions like editing or vocal tuning, to more intrinsic project like productions, vocal arrangements, or mixing services; I love being that piece of creativity and skill that takes people’s projects from where they are to where they need them to be.

Who are you?

You may be someone with a crystal clear vision of what you want, how you want it, and when you want it… That’s remarkable; A visionary profile with defined goals, on the look for those hands and feet to execute your plan and put in their skills to work towards your vision.

Or perhaps, you’re someone who prefers to get multiple ears and input from skilled creatives and have them involved in the conceptualization and development of the project. That’s fantastic too; the profile of a strategist who assembles the right person, to bring in the right contribution, to meet the desired objective.

Whatever your case may be, I am here to be those hands and feet to follow your vision requirements to the letter, or to be the one who partners with you to develop and mold your idea bringing all my creative insight and years of experience into the creation or mixing of your piece.

Who am I?

I am Imprenta Fragante, born and raised in Medellin and a passion for music that led me to the US to pursue my God-given calling in this industry. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business, I can provide the creative skills to bring your vision to life and/or the kitty-gritty knowledge to achieve nothing less but top-tier quality GUARANTEED!

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