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Songwriter who has written songs for movies and other artists. I have owned 3 separate recording studios, I have performed beside other professional artists in major venues, done numerous interviews for many different outlets and am known to have had helped many different artists learn to properly write, record, master and distribute their music. $

My name is Ray aka Razor Edge, I custom write songs for any artist, company, event, topic, subject, or reason. I write, record and mix, distribute and market my own music. I do this because I love it and have found a way to monetize my passion, and provide a living. I love helping people follow their dreams and anyone who believes in themselves. I am from Western Massachusetts, 413. Everything we do we do ourselves with the help of close friends with the same passion and we try to utilize all of our talents (and there are a lot in this area) to break into the industry and bring back quality, passion and skills to the music industry. I own all my masters and retain creative control of all my music. I have performed on a national tour funded and ran by ourselves. I will never stop studying, writing, recording or living for music and I believe we as musicians (the passionate ones) need to consistently build and network to continue to provide good quality and passionate music for the world to enjoy.

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I was the Singer, Songwriter, Recording & Mixing Engineer in this production

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