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First of all, very thankful to be part of this website. Its a great way to connect with the music industry. I was trained by industry professionals in Vancouver, including composers, audio engineers and producers, learning from them all the tools and trades of the business, plus the importance of commitment to every project I get my hands on.

I'm Juan Pablo Ordoñez and for over 9 years, I have been dedicated to the craft of producing music for singer/songwriters that always need help to get their music translated to a "band format", where drums, guitars, keys, brass etc. are needed to complete the full picture the artist had in mind for their song. I have been fortunate to learn to arrange for basic band instruments (guitars, bass, keys, drums) along the way, and become a solid performer in the studio to be able to deliver professional recordings. After all, I believe the final outcome depends mainly on the music arrangement, and consequently, the musical performance in the studio, captured with all the right tools. This allows me to compete at an affordable price, instead of hiring 4-5 musicians to perform. This is definitely one of my business advantages.

Clients participate all the way, from arranging to mixing/mastering final stages. I explain my production process to all my clients so that they are on the same page. They work side by side with me to ensure this process goes through seamlessly and aware of how the song is becoming much more than it was initially.

I offer arranging and recording for drums, guitars, bass, keys, brass and orchestral strings. Most clients prefer to have their music mixed/mastered with me, but some prefer to master with a dedicated mastering studio.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Demo Reel recorded in Multiverse

I was the Producer, Mixing, Mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

2 mix revisions are offered, with a production time of approx. 2 weeks (live drums, guitars, bass, keys, strings, brass) If the client wants a new arrangement on a instrument, additional 100 $

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Any clients that use this website to contact me for music production, will get a 10% discount from july to november.