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Audion Recording Studios has been the studio of choice for many great artists over the years. We have recorded some of the best talent in Nashville and from around the country.

If you want broadcast quality production and don't want to take any chances with your project, then come to the place that so many independent recording artists choose. We are an affordable award winning studio with over 25 years of experience and a long history of satisfied clients. Don't be fooled by exaggerated or misleading information. Listen to the quality of our work and you will discover why we continue to be one of Nashville's favorite and most affordable recording studio for independent recording artists.

A.R.S is a 1,500 square foot climate controlled studio with 3 isolation rooms, Tracking room and a spacious control room. We have some of the best gear available. Full moving fader & mix down automation, huge collection of microphones including Neumann, AKG, Audix, Sennheiser and many more. So selecting the perfect mic for your voice or instrument is made easy. We also have an in house drum kit, piano, guitar & bass amps, Synthesizers, Percussion and more available for your session. A recording engineer is also included.

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What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?
Over 25 years in audio production
Tell us about your studio setup.
RECORDING SPACES 15'X35' Control Room 20'X25' Tracking Room 9'X12' Iso 1 Room 6'X8' Iso 2 Room All rooms are climate controlled with adjustable lighting, Headphone monitors and great acoustics. COMPUTERS, SOFTWARE & INTERFACING Intel Xeon E7 PC Windows 10 64Bit UAD 2 Octo PCIe Cubase Pro 8.5 Wavelab Pro 9 Many Plug in's MONITORING & AMPLIFICATION Event OPAL Monitors JBL 4312E Monitors KRK Krok Monitors Pinnacle AC-650 Monitors RoR E3 4" Monitors Sony MDR-7506 Headphones (10) SIGNAL PROCESSING, RECORDERS & AUDIO CONSOLES DBX 286A Dolby Labs Model 300 Symetrix 528E Tascam BR-20T 1/2 Track Master Recorder Teac A-2300S 1/4 Track Teac DM-4800 64 Channel Digital Console With Audion Electronics Mic-Pre Mod. POWER REGULATION, FILTERING & UPS Cyber Power AVR 1500 Monster Pro 7000 Monster Pro AVS 2000 PRO Tripp-Lite ProPower Tripp-Lite IS-250 InterPower 50KV AC Line Isolation MICROPHONES AKG D112 (2) Audio-Technica AT8505 (1) Audix D2 (2) Audix D4 (2) Audix D6 (2) Audix DP-ELITE (1) Audix I5 (5) Audix OM 5 (8) Audix SCX 25 (2) Audix SCX1-c (2) Audix SCX1-hc (2) CAD E-200 (2) CAD E-100 (2) Cascade Fathead Ribbon- (LUNDAH LL2912 Transformer) (2) Crown PZM (1) Electro-Voice RE55 (2) Electro-Voice RE20 (1) Electro-Voice RE27N/D (2) Neumann U 87 ai (2) Heil PR-30 (2) Heil PR-40 (2) Oktava MK 319 (modified) (4) Foster 33-989 (1) Rode NT4 (1) Sennhiser E609 (4) Sennheisr E845 (4) Sennhiser MD421 mkII (8) Shure Beta 52A (1) Shure Beta 57A (4) Shure Beta 58A (4) Shure SM-7B (1) Shure SM-48 (1) Shure SM-57 (6) Shure SM-58 (4) Shure SM-81 (3) Shure VP-88 (1) Sony F-V610 (1) TEN TEC 707 (1) SYNTHISIZERS & KEYBOARDS Alesis D4 Alesis DM Pro Boss HC-1 Crumar Orchestrator W/Brass Filter Elka X50 Drawbar Organ Emu Systems Emulator 4XT Ultra 128mb IVL Pitchrider Guitar to MIDI converter KAT DK10 Midi Controller Korg DDD-1 Korg 03R/W & RE1 Remote Control Korg EX-8000 Korg M1R EX Korg Triton Rack W/Moss / Dance Korg Wavestation EX Kurzweil K2000RS Turbo M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Oberhiem DPX-1 Oberhiem HDX-20 Roland D-550 Musitronix M-EX Roland JD-990 Roland M-BD1 Roland M-GS64 Roland XV-5050 TurboSynth V2.2 Univox Micro Rhythmer Yamaha MOTIF Rack W/MOSS Yamaha TG500 INSTRUMENT AMPLIFICATION Ampeg-SVT-70T 1X15" Crate-Vintage Club 50 Tube 50W 2X12" With Electro-Voice vintage EVM12L Speakers Fender- Princeton 112 Plus 50W 1X12" With Celestion Vintage 80 Speaker Fender Vibro Champ XD Tube 5W W/ Jensen C8R Fender Super Champ XD Tube 15W W/Jensen C10R Gorilla GG-25 Combo 15W Heil Talk Box Leslie Combo II Preamplifier Leslie Model 825 Marshall- Model 5210 50W 1X12" Custom Audion Eletronics Amplifiers DRUMS & PERCUSSION Drum Workshop 5Pc Kit Bass 22" Snare 14" Maple Tom 1 12" Tom 2 13" Floor 16" Ludwig 1968 14X5" Brass Snare Various Hand Percussion
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
Recording Engineer. Mix Engineer. Producer.