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I specialise in mastering and editing audio. I started out working in studios around Glasgow and quickly developed an interest in the recording process, creating music and taking audio from humble roots to final product.

I aim to be the final ears to a song and really take pride in communicating with artists in creating the final "vibe" that they are after. If you want a slamming track then lets slam it, if you want an ambient emotional polish then lets get creative. I really enjoy having that fresh perspective on a track that's almost there and just giving it that extra push! I can work quickly and prioritise your project if required as I work from home so can be fully flexible.
A little bit about me, I was the guy who played in bands and took care of the recordings. Although I enjoyed mixing and recording I found that I really had a talent for identifying the final alterations to really make things sound musical and interesting. Obviously a great song helps and I also still write songs and assist in lyrics, arrangement and melody. I really specialise in emotion, big sounds, ambience and really creating dynamics. Please feel free to contact me about your project and lets take things to the next level.

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Layaway 3.00AM

I was the Producer, Mixing and Mastering in this production

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