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I lace my singing and lyrics with a deep level of vulnerability and angst that can be both uplifting and give off airs of melancholy and longing at the same time. My friends say I make sad bops.

I'm a Nigerian-born singer-songwriter currently based in the United States - I'm studying film, so you better know that storytelling is my thing. I make the kind of music I enjoy - music that has compelling character and narratives. I love to explore love, fear, identity, loss, hope, pain & pleasure. So I can help you with your writing.

I write mostly in English, but also add Nigerian Pidgin, some Yoruba and my native tongue, Igbo, as it serves me and the song in question. So, you want African ad-libs? I'm your person.

What I bring to the table is a great deal of energy, an understanding of when less is more and when more is everything, a falsetto that will make you go from listening with your ears to listening with your heart, and nearly a decade of acapella experience from high school to competitive collegiate acapella–so you best believe that my harmonies are chef's kiss.

I work in film so I'm constantly recreating songs as covers with different moods and emotions for sombre scenes, for trailers and for opening themes. I just really love doing covers. Afrobeats turned Rock. Pop turned afrobeats.

P.S. I'd like to say that I have THE most unique cover of Gambino's Redbone. It's somewhere on Youtube. Type Redbone (Ukairo Folk Cover).

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  • Rode-NT USB Microphone
  • Logic Pro X
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