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Music is my dream and passion! Have you ever went into this flow of creativity, when you don't need to eat, drink, sleep or go to the bathroom? These are my favorite hours! My name is Aidan. I am a musician, composer, producer, mixing engineer and a guitarist (and I do a few more things too). I want to be creative for you!

In my home studio I record electric and acoustic guitars and edit any audio you need.
I will mix your song professionally using the best plugins.
I am a drum programming expert.

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7 Reviews

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  1. Review by Yinon Bar Shira
    by Yinon Bar Shira

    Idan is very talented musician but his not only talent, he is also a very hard worker who always gives the best result with great atitude. He's very nice person and always makes the atmosphere great.

  2. Review by Udi Gur
    by Udi Gur

    Working along side to Idan is inspiring- he knows how and when to make a twist in the soundtrack's storyline and makes it with good taste.
    Being in his studio feels like home and working there is always something to look forward to.
    He has a great feel for production and mix and the outcome is an artwork!
    Udi Gur,
    Sound engineer.

  3. Review by Etay Maor
    by Etay Maor

    Idan is a combination of several key characteristics: professionalism, quick learner, technical capabilities and a super nice guy! I enjoy working with Idan and getting his enlightening yet down to earth comments and suggestions!
    This is one musician I would recommend whole heartily!

  4. Review by Dan Sivan
    by Dan Sivan

    I have worked with Idan in several bands and music projects in the few years.
    He is a professional and he is all about the little details. His studio is organized, comfortable and always set and ready when I arrive. He is a first class guitar player and has great understanding of music in general, which makes him a great producer.


  5. Review by Maor Nawi
    by Maor Nawi

    Me and Idan have been working on multiple music projects (I am a singer). During our work together I have seen Idan's amazing development from a talented guitarist to a great producer. Working with Idan is more then pleasant as he is very professional and loves to listen and hear the other's opinion. Also, I love the music Idan creates and produces

  6. Review by Nina Rapoport
    by Nina Rapoport

    Working with Idan is a wonderful experience.
    He is a very talented and sensitive guitarist, arranger and producer.
    Going through the recording and producing process of original music isn't always easy,
    but with Idan, we always found a common artistic vision and worked to accomplish it together. 100% Recomended!
    Nina Rapoport,
    Musician, singer.

  7. Review by Aviram Zeevy
    by Aviram Zeevy

    I have been working with idan a few years, as a drummer in some of his productions.
    Idan is a SUPER PROFESSIONAL producer, a great musician, composer, and sound engineer.
    If i had to pick a musician/producer to work with, it will definitely be idan!
    A great mix of skills, professionality and a nice man to work with.
    Aviram Zeevy

Terms Of Service

Prices and times of completion may vary according to song\part complexity and duration.
I allow up to 3 revisions.

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    I've been playing guitar lately with a great fun cover band for 90's rock and grunge (and some more).So fun to play the stuff I've been listening as a kid...Keep doing what you love people!Aidan

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    After going through a lot of royalty free production music sites, I believe I have found the best one out there. It's called Audoijungle. It has thousands of royalty free music tracks of all kinds, and the search engine is very comfortable, unlike many other sites.Also, quality control is VERY high, so no grade D music there, I can assure you!Please use this link to go to the site: the best,Aidan

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  • Finished an Original Song Production!Nov 25, 2013

    This is always fun!Here is the new song. Very interesting arrangement, don't you think?

  • Producing a trip hop trackNov 13, 2013

    I would like to share a recent production, which I have been working on with this amazing singer-songwriter.Her name is Nina Rapoport, I've previously produced a song for her, in a whole different style. But this time we tried something different and went electronic! But at the same time we combined it with some middle eastern flavor, throwing in some Darbuka percussion and an Oud.The song is on it's way for mastering now, so stay tuned!
    In the meantime, here is the other song I produced for Nina:

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    Recently my free time goes to composing music for placement in advertising. This is called royalty free music. There are so many sites for royalty free music, but I have decided to go exclusive with Audiojungle.Their browsing is very convenient, Their pricing is fair, and they have a very good and friendly search engine.It's a lot of fun!Check out my profile there:
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